Meet Phoebe!

I am a Visual Artist from Brisbane. Graduated Curtin University in 2019, I have a passion to teach Art. Sip n Dip is a light-hearted introduction painting class for those who don’t think they can paint, I believe in you.  There is a budding Artist within us all! These fun and enjoyable classes are a great opportunity to meet new people. 

There are many forms and styles of painting, look at Jackson Pollock’s, Blue poles. He was the first person to ever thrown large amounts of paint directly onto the canvas and let it splatter and drip. I love how free abstract art is, it takes on such an expressive quality because of the way it has been created.  I am also very fond of the Impressionists; Van Gogh’s Starry night has changed the world. Many Artists throughout history have been told there art is rubbish and it wasn’t until they died that the artworks became famous. The process of painting is so therapeutic and time slows and your stresses fade. 

I encourage everyone to pick up a paint brush and mark a canvas, see if you like it. I find that once you have created something, there is a real sense of achievement and it’s addictive. I encourage everyone to give these classes a go; they may just be the place where you realize you’re an Artist after all. If we can encourage the Arts as a culture to increase, just image the bright and beautiful world we will create.

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